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Initially started at Leo Burnett as a Content Manager before being promoted to Content Strategist after a year of employment. Worked primarily on Altria’s various tobacco websites (Marlboro.com, Freshcope.com, Skoal.com, GoRedSeal.com, MyParliment.com, VirginiaSlims.com) as well as various digital campaigns and mircosites for Allstate Insurance.

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Responsible for managing daily digital content updates and coordinating with development team on monthly deployments for several major tobacco websites.

Coordinated with user experience, creative, account, development and optimization teams to plan, pitch and execute metrics-driven digital content strategies including web, email, direct mail, POS and print communications with channel-specific KPIs.

Collaborated with creative team to conceptualize and present multi-million dollar digital and experiential promotions; creating and executing specific content and messaging strategies for each project.

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Worked closely with user experience team to conduct user research and strategic goal setting using interviews, personas, story vignettes and competitor analyses.

Created information architecture and content hierarchies based on user/consumer research and brand’s business goals to lead UX team in creating user flows and wireframes.

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Developed and interpreted content matrices to facilitate gap analyses, competitive assessments and heuristic evaluations of digital content and usability.

Created and implemented guidelines for content-production processes and asset creation.

Identified digital performance metrics to meet and exceed through project-specific content strategies that saw month-by-month and yearly increases in unique visitors, page views and repeat engagement.